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The Story Behind my Viz of the Day on AirBnB

It's Saturday October 17th, two days before the 2015 Tableau Conference in Las Vegas. I'm not packed, I haven't picked all the sessions I want to attend yet and I realize my Tableau vizzing has been...well...not existent the last couple of months. The dashboards I made with my team were in production and I started on a new project at work focused on data migration and architecture, less so on visualization (for now). I decided I needed to grease the wheels and play to get back into Tableau mode. To be honest, I didn't have a particular question in mind or a story I wanted to tell. I just wanted a data set that required minimal prep work so that I could get to vizzing. I ended up coming across Jewel Loree's data feed on "Inside Airbnb". The source of the data, Inside Airbnb, hosted a collection of Airbnb data for cities around the world. The best part for me was that the data had already been analyzed, cleansed and aggregated where appropriate. Perfect! As…

10 Things to do after Tableau Conference 2015

So you just had a whirlwind of a week where you were exposed to 10,000+ fellow data nerds. You were inspired by others work, incredulous at the things you saw Tableau could do, excited for all the new feature announcements, giddy over the amazing speakers and feverishly taking notes as to not forget a thing. Your feet probably also ache, you had a great nights sleep in your own bed and you're ready for a Netflix weekend with the SO and/or kiddos. But what about now? What's next? Here's 10 things you can do now to continue the spirit of the conference and continue to grow in your practice:

Connect with your colleges this week at work to reflect and share your conference experiences and to strategize how to harness the momentum, new connections and gained knowledge in your everyday practice.
Now is the perfect time to catch up on the conference Twitter hashtag #data15 among others (like #datapluswomen!). See the conference through others eyes, find out about the moments you m…