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#MakeoverMonday Week 5: Travel Trends

Today I decided to participate in Andy Kriebel's and Andy Cotgreave's #MakeoverMonday Tableau Challenge. I have been enjoying seeing this series progress the last few weeks. People have produced such interesting variations of the same data set (see the variety, here!). I particularly like this project for a few reasons:
It removes all the pre-viz steps such as data collection, cleaning, etc. and allows you to focus right in on best practices and design.If you stick with suggested 1 hour time block, it makes participation less daunting.It allows you to see what others in the community came up with for the same dataset. I have been finding myself having a-ha moments and really drawing inspiration...I might have an update to this with a makeover of my own incorporating all my favorite parts of others :)By engaging with the community, it will encourage you to continue to participate and expand your skillset.So why not give next week's #MakeoverMonday a go? Full details here!!!